The Essays

1.  On Returning to Work (or Trying to) after Raising Kids:  White House Easter Bunny Costumes, Tongue Rings, and Résumés, OH MY!

By Shannon Hembree

2.  On Love and Loss and Loving Again:  Rediscovering Joy After the Love of My Life Died

By Jen McGinnis

3.  On Taking the Path Less Traveled:  How I Joined the Circus, Went to Prison, and Arm Wrestled My Way to a Joyful Life

By Bree Luck (Founder of The Lovely Unbecoming, Creative Coaching Services)

4. On Becoming a Caregiver for a Parent:  Being Thankful for What Is Left, Not Lamenting What Is Lost

By Sarah Weitzenkorn

5.  On Rockin’ the Single Life:  Why Sipping Lemonade on the Beach Is Always Better Than Plunging Lemons out of the Toilet

By Dionne Williams

6.  On Depression at Forty:  Finding Solutions When You Can’t Wish It Away or Wait It Away

By Anne Karrick Scott Deetsch

7.  On Hope:  Turning a Death Sentence into a Life Well Lived

By Heather Von St. James

8.  On Motherhood:  Taking the Long View from Under the Big Top

By Barbara Fleck

9.  On Growing Up Black and White in America:  How I Learned to Live My Life Boldly in My Own Unique Way

By Elizabeth Pendleton

10.  On Surviving Breast Cancer:  How the Boobs You Love and the Football You Don’t All Come Together in the End

By Emily Cooke

11.  On Finding Your Inner Warrior:  How I Left a World of Abuse and Alcoholism Behind and Built a New Life as the Mother of a Beautiful Boy with Special Needs

By Bernadette Jasmine

12.  On Marriage:  Redefining Happily Ever After

By Vanessa Velez

13.  On Strength:  Uncovering My Innate Power, Barf by Barf and Poke by Poke

By Laura K. Bedingfield

14.  On Balancing a Career and Kids:  Finding Perfection in Not Being Perfect

By Beckie Cassidy

15.  On How It’s Never Too Late to Face Your Fears:  Even If It Requires Alcohol, Pills, or Prayer

By Sarah Freeman Knight

16.  On Spirituality:  How a Preacher’s Daughter Rediscovered and Redefined Faith

By Jennifer Porter

17.   On Confidence:  Don’t Ask, Just Do

By Rosanne Nelson

18.  On the Loss of a Parent:  How I Grieved, Coped, and Learned to Live Differently After My Father Died

By Brooke Schmidt

19.  On Friendship:  Bonjour, Dear Diary

By Shannon Hembree

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